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New Line of Infiniti High Resolution Fina Printers. . . . Fina160A. . . . Fina250A. . . . Fina320SW. . . . Fina3360AS. . . . UV1612S. . . .

Infiniti is pleased to introduce their new line of high resolution digital printers FINA Series: Fina160A, Fina250A, Fina320SW and Fina3360AS solvent based printer and Fina 3360UV curable ink printer. The company has more than 15 distribution channels throughout 56 different countries located in North, South and Central America. Infiniti Printers have become a well known brand in the South American market for its high quality, competitive pricing and excellent service. The company has had much success with their Infiniti UV1612S, which is the UV curable Flatbed hybrid digital printer. This flatbed printer has a high resolution and very low production cost, extremely beneficial for customers in the USA market.


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Phone: (305) 477-6333   Fax: (305) 477-6340   Email: info@infiniti-dt.com