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Q: What is the difference in technical features?
A: This is the reduced size of the superwide-format high-resolution printers using long-lasting piezoelectric printheads (Scitex, Vutek, Salsa, etc). RIP and Print Function enable high speed data transmission. Using the same ink type as those printers, these printers produce vivid colors and prolonged outdoor durability, as well as fast drying, no need of lamination and outdoor durability over two years.

Q: What is the difference in printing speed?
A: The maximum printing on general inkjet printer is about 60 ft?h (6 m?h). The Infiniti is capable of achieving 603 ft?h (56m?h). This is because the head is similar to those used on the real outdoor production printer.

Q: What is the difference in production cost?
A: The Infiniti prints on normal non-coated media like vinyls, banners, one-way vision films, presentation papers, fabrics, PVC, etc. Hence the cost of printing is extremely low and affordable (est.US$0.5/m? 0.05/ft?.

Q: What is the difference in printing resolution?
A: Solvent printing usually caters for outdoor large format banners and billboards applications. Therefore low resolution is already enough. The Infiniti has even the capabilities to print at photographic quality as it has two types of resolutions to choose from, namely 200 & 400 dpi.

Q: What is the difference in price and value?
A: Normal inkjet printer price with wide-format printer performance?


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