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Scanvec Amiable’s flagship product, offers the total solution for any SignMaking business. With genuine Adobe® PostScript® 3 engine, ICC profile support and built-in direct drivers, FlexiSIGN-PRO offers complete design, cutting, RIPing and printing tools for maximum productivity.

Packaged for the professional sign maker who requires advanced vinyl cutting and bitmap editing tools, but does not require color-printing output. FlexiEXPERT includes full design, text serialization and color tracing features, as well as the Job Estimator for accurate project management and design templates for faster production.

Scanvec Amiable’s mid-level SignMaking package, provides exceptional tools to produce high-quality signage without a large initial investment. In addition to design, vinyl cutting, scanning and tracing capabilities, FlexiSIGN also includes Job Statistics and Text Styles for enhanced performance.

Offers the basic necessities for a sign business. Available in this entry-level design and cutting software are features such as import/export files, full text manipulation and direct drivers for the industry’s most popular vinyl cutters.

A pure software design program, enables you to have a second design-only or sales station in which layouts can be shown to your customers without tying up your production line. It equips you with all the advanced design, layout and image editing features of FlexiSIGN-PRO to prepare files for output on another FlexiSIGN-PRO station.

An entry-level package single printer, single workstation RIP, works seamlessly on both Mac and PC platforms through popular design software such as Adobe Photoshop®, Illustrator®, QuarkXpress® or CorelDraw®, and all major CAD/AEC/GIS engineering solutions.

A versatile design and RIP package, incorporates essential design tools for users requiring powerful image editing and layout features before sending files to RIP and print.

A robust client-server RIP specifically designed for networks and large production environments, contains all the necessary productivity tools to output digital prints quickly and accurately, at any volume. Includes PhotoPRINT DX client software

The same robust client-server RIP with additional capability and cost saving features, such as a color calibration module, plus an additional design companion called Editor.

EnRoute Basic
Enables you to produce amazing 2D routing and engraving tasks. It includes routing, milling tool offset, toolpath verification and drill functions.

EnRoute Plus
Empowers you to create 3D engraved paths from files imported from SCV, HPGL, DXF or EPS files. It includes 2-D routing 2 and 3D Engraving, toolpath verification, drill functions and 3D toolpath technology.

EnRoute Pro
Professional production software solution, enabling you to import or design custom displays for the purpose of creating tool paths for 2-D routing 2 and 3D Engraving, carved and 3D surfaces.


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